Top 7 qualities of a Good Tutor

Just having the knowledge of subjects does not make someone a good tutor, there are several other qualities and strategies that can help you become a good tutor.   For the past few years, personal tutoring have risen in popularity due to a growing need for personalised learning and its…

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What is HKDSE The Hong Kong Diploma of Secondary Education (HKDSE) is an academic qualification offered by Hong Kong Examinations and Assessment Authority (HKEAA). The HKDSE examination is the only public examination administered in Hong Kong for secondary school graduates replacing Hong Kong Certificate of Education Examination (HKCEE) and Hong…

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Learn A New Language

Languages impact the daily life of everyone, not matter what race, religions or regions in the world. Languages help us communicate with others on daily basis, it is part of our identity in the society. There are many reasons why everyone should learn a new language and be multilingual:  …

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Why is Maths hard for some people?

Maths is hard!! We have heard this statements several times from different people, classmates, kids or even parents. Maths involves solving problems, calculations, memorising equations or formulas which all adds up for formulating a stereotype type towards this subject.   In reality, everyone would have different experiences with Maths to…

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Find an Excellent Tutor for your child in Hong Kong

Find a Tutor for your Child in Hong Kong


Parents are always in a maze when when they find a tutor in Hong Kong. This is because they find their children get lost in the elementary grammar rules, laws of mathematics in primary or secondary school, and even having problems in understanding difficult terms of their biology, physics or chemistry classes. In such situations parents often find themselves in lost in a haze of running around to find a professional tutor for their child.


Find a tutor


Each parent has their unique needs to help their child to excel in studies. Therefore it is important to know what you want in terms of the tutor’s skills and experience and personality before you find a tutor.


[qodef_blockquote text=”Know what do you want from the tutor.”]

Firstly you need to have a one to one conversation with your child and the teacher at school, where you ask them about their kid’s difficulties in any subject. Based on that talk, you will be able to know the followings;

  1. Does your child need extensive help with their homework, tests or exams? It can also be that your child is good in all these areas, it is just that he could be lacking in motivation towards his studies.
  2. In which areas you see your child can have a higher scope of improvement, such as which subject in particular.
  3. What is the learning style of your child. For example, does he learn better by reading, listening or observing? What is the gender of the tutor your child is more comfortable with, is it a male tutor or a female tutor?
  4. Lastly, how much time and money can you spend with your child while tutoring? Do not hesitate in such situations. You will have to be bluntly honest with yourself and the child for the betterment of the family as a whole.


Find a tutor


[qodef_blockquote text=”Know your options of different tutors. Compare and Contact them.”]

Once you know what you need, you will have to find a tutor who can you easily be compared and contacted. Here is how you can do that in an effective and efficient way;


  1. Download the We Kiddoos app from the google play store or the app store
  2. Register your email address and then start with your search queries.
  3. A list of tutors will appear on your screen where you can see their ratings, price per hour and brief information about the tutor
  4. If you think the profile is of a tutor suits your requirements, then you can further click in that tutor to view a complete profile of the tutor. In that you can view in depth details such as education level, previous tutoring work, pricing policies, available time slots and many more…
  5. If you wish to set up an appointment with the tutors, you can contact them via WhatsApp directly from the We Kiddoos app.


Note ** You can find a tutor who is qualified with teaching with NO agency fee.

[qodef_blockquote text=”You will need to test your options.”]

When you speak to the tutors, either on WhatsApp or Face-to-Face conversations, there has to be a clear check on their credentials. This can also be done by meeting various tutors and doing a test of their tutoring abilities. Here are the ways you may consider to use;

  1. Have a look at the tutor’s personality. Make sure that it fits properly with your child’s ability that can enhance the confidence in studying any subject with ease
  2. How long will it take for the tutor to prepare lesson plans for your child? Make your child meet with that tutor, so that both parties have their ice breaking moments. This will increase confidence within your child as well and will also help the tutor to have a better grip on the abilities of your child.
  3. What is the tutor’s plan to help your child to overcome his/her weaknesses. If you feel that plans suits well with your child’s schedule then go ahead and give it a try with that tutor.
  4. Always ask for a free trial lesson. This is the most effective way to know whether that tutor is an excellent match for your child or not.


find a tutor


[qodef_blockquote text=”Monitor the progress of your child.”]

Exams, tests and class homework are a good indicator of the effectiveness of the tutor you hired. As a parent you will have to be realistic with the progress, as you should not expect extremely excellent results in just the first month of hiring the tutor. So how can you monitor the progress of your child?

  1. Keep an eye on how does your child relate to the tutor. If possible you can sit together with the child for one session or after the tutoring class you should ask about his learnings from that class. If you want your child to succeed, then he/she must be comfortable with the tutor.
  2. Monitor the progress by asking the feedback of not only your child but also the teacher at the school. Check if there are any positive comments from the school or any improvements from the last time you spoke to that particular teacher. In case you do not see any improvement in the progress of your child, and feel a negative attitude then it is highly advisable to change the tutor. You can always visit the We Kiddoos app to give comments on that tutor and search for another tutor. Your comments will be taken seriously to improve the quality of the tutoring service in Hong Kong.


find a tutor


Your child deserves all the rights to have proper education by all means. Therefore to find a tutor involves some work from the parent’s part. Hence We Kiddoos is the perfect app to reduce the workload for parents to come out of the maze of searching for different types of tutors.


a a



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5 Simple Steps of How tutors can find students

5 Simple Steps of How tutors can find students

To find students for tutors is not a simple task to handle. If you are a tutor and having difficulties to find students in Hong Kong, then you have come to the right website. (Thanks to your Google Search)

Find Students


The internet is changing daily behaviors of people in Hong Kong, where technology has always played an important part in the education industry. From finding tutors online to having online studies, technology is being taken over the life of parents, students and tutors.


From my past experience as a tutor, finding the right match between tutors and students, and vice versa, have always been a major hurdle. Students’ concerns, about tutors, are mostly about their education level, experience and the price they charge. On the other hand, for tutors their major concern about students are their study schedule and the ability to catch up with syllabus.


Find Student


Tutors and students also face the problem of going through many online platforms and agencies to find each other. Freelance tutors are asked to pay for high agency fees, such as a percentage of their income or their first month income from a particular student for their of tutoring service. This results in tutors charging higher prices, and parents and students ending up paying higher prices for their search of an ideal tutor in Hong Kong.


Due to high demand and supply of tutors in Hong Kong, tutors find it difficult to find new students. And students find it difficult to find their ideal tutor.



Find Students



The We Kiddoos app is a major breakthrough for tutors and students to communicate with each other, with absolutely no agency fees charged from both parties. Here are the 5 simple steps you will need to follow;

[qodef_blockquote text=”Download the We Kiddoos app from google play or the App store.”]
[qodef_blockquote text=”Register with your details, such as email id.”]
[qodef_blockquote text=”Activate your account via your registered email.”]
[qodef_blockquote text=”Update your profile, with your qualifications, experience, price and recent tutoring images.”]
[qodef_blockquote text=”If your profile is appealing to students or parents, they will contact the tutor directly through whatsapp.”]

Download the app now and connect with students and tutors online for free.


a a



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